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In a previous rant, I argued that all sports have doping problems, and that if dopers aren't being caught, it is because the sport isn't trying. I rhetorically asked, "Do golfers dope?" intending for the answer to be yes, but not expecting to see the following in the World Anti-Doping Agency's (WADA) 2005 report on doping tests with "adverse analytical findings":

  • Golf: 5.21% (20/384)
  • Cycling: 3.78% (482/12,751)
  • Baseball: 3.69% (390/10,580)
  • Ice Hockey: 2.87% (79/2,751)
  • Curling: 2.58% (9/349)
  • Soccer: 1.46% (343/23,478)
  • Table Tennis: 1.40% (11/787)
  • Chess: 0% (0/51)

These stats don't actually measure how clean a sport really is and they do mix in drugs that are banned but not performance enhancing. Nevertheless, golfers do dope, chess players apparently do not, but that only adds to the evidence that chess is not a sport ;).

WADA 2005 Report (found this via Leen Tuk's letter to VeloNews)

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