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Matching Donations Project

After Hurricane Katrina hit, my company offered to match any contributions to the Red Cross. I thought this was a fantastic way for my company to encourage donation. Not long after my dad and I matched donations with one another for the holiday season.

This season I'd like to do something similar, but bigger. I thought, why not match other people's donations? That can be fun in itself, but I'm not super rich; I still need enough money to buy a Nintendo Wii to help... myself. Then I thought, what if multiple people could team up to match donations? The more that can be matched, the more that people can give. It also makes it easier on me: if two people team up to match donations, then I only have to match $0.50 for every dollar donated; if three people, $0.33; and so on... Thus came the idea of the Matching Donations Project. Thankfully, m has already stepped up to help out.

There are two ways to participate:

1) Donate to any of the charities below and send me a receipt (please indicate whether or not you wish to be anonymous): contact


2) Agree to match contributions and add your own charity to the list above. You must a) agree to match at least $250 and b) donate $50 up front.

  • Current totals: $250 ($500)
  • Matching funds left: $1000 out of $1250

Current Matchers: * kwc * m * 1 anonymous donor

Do I expect a huge number of people to participate in this? No. But I figured nothing bad could come of trying this, so why not?

FAQ in the extended.

FAQ for donaters:

  1. Will we match directly against the charity you donate to?

    We'll do our best to line everything up, but the math may be difficult enough to get everything perfect. Trust in the fact that every charity listed here is a the personal charity of one of the matchers, who will be interested in matching your donation.

  2. When is the deadline for donations?

    December 31st, 2006.

FAQ for matchers:

  1. Shared matching: What if the amount per person is greater than the amount you agree to match?

    The amount you agree to match is subtracted from the total then redivided among the remaining people.

  2. Why match?

    You get to encourage donations to a charity of your choice. And you get to give.

  3. Do you have to help match the $50 you donate up front?


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