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Google Reader switch

update: now sorting by oldest (thanks davextreme for the link)

Yes, I have finally abandoned Bloglines, which has carried me so far into the world of feeds. I have some quibbles with Google Reader, but the big win for me was the fact that it doesn't mark items as read until you read them. I tend to power through lists of hundreds of items at a time; Google Reader lets me stop halfway through, Bloglines demands I finish the job. It still took bp teaching me a couple of keyboard shortcuts I missed (shift-n, shift-p, and shift-o for navigating the list of feeds) to become fully comfortable with the switch.

Pros: * Doesn't mark items as read until you've read them, which makes it much easier to plow through feeds incrementally. * Better keyboard navigation. Bloglines has a shortcut for reading the next feed or folder, but there's no way to really tell what is next. * Can have more than 200 unread items in a feed, which means that you can catch up on everything you missed while on vacation.

Cons: * Not as easy to create feeds for things like weather, packages, and social sites. * Organizational system for read items is poorly integrated and modelled -- its not terribly clear what tags are, you can't browse by tags ('gt' -- goto tag -- is not the same as browsing), and you can't segment starred items by tag. Bloglines only has clip blogs, but at least they made sense to me. * Only loads entries 20 at a time. Once you make it to the 20th item, it loads the next 20. This wouldn't be so annoying if they loaded the next 20 when I got to the 18th or 19th item, but as implemented it means you have to wait for the next 20 items to load.

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I recently switched as well. The interface is visually more elegant. But the biggest thing for me was that they don't automatically mark things as read just because you accidently clicked on the wrong folder.

Oh yeah... and they do a better job of loading images, which was important for all the art blogs I keep track of.

One thing I'd like Google Reader to do is let me sort my feeds by most recent or least recent. Normally I'd prefer to read the oldest item first and work my way to the present (which is fun to see who got the scoop on a news item). When I've been away for a while, I prefer to start with the newest (and possibly though certainly not necessarily most relevant) stuff first.


@littlestar: sounds like we have similar reasons for switching. I agree that GR is much better looking than Bloglines, which tends to incrementally change its appearance, but never get the full overhaul.

@David: I agree about most recent/least recent. I often like to just use the "all items" folder to scan through, but I tend to not make it all the way through, which means that the oldest items remain untouched through multiple readings.

bp Author Profile Page:

Yeap, I echo David and kwc comments about reading order. This is especially annoying as I subscribe to a few high-volume message boards through RSS. Nothing like reading responses to messages you haven't read yet. When I'm backed on these, I tend to have to load the original message board thread in a separate window and read it normal-time. Duh.

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