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I'm behind on my MythBusters episode guides and I'm even more behind mentioning them here. FYI: Mega-Movie Myths has the myth that I got to watch in person (Awning Fall).

MythBusters episode guides: * Christmas Tree Lights, Antigravity, Vodka and Jellyfish Stings * Mega-Movie Myths * Crimes and Myth-Demeanors II * More Myths Revisited * Earthquake Machine, Exploding Lava Lamp * Shattering Subwoofer and Rough Road Driving * Diet Coke and Mentos, Postage Stamp on Helicopter

Spare Cycles: * Tour of California 2007 Route Announced * Levi Leipheimer at Lombardi Sports in SF, Dec 18th * Indoor Peloton Class at LATS

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