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Asimo fall down

littlestar and parakkum got me a great R2-D2 robot that I can send spinning around a table. The trick that gets everyone's applause is when I cause the robot to fall over. For all the chirping and whistling noises it makes, it's the satisfying thunk of falling that convinces everyone that it is real.

Now witness the video above. Brave Asimo robot attempts to climb up stairs. Poor Asimo falls down. Dumb Asimo continues to talk even as it lies on the ground broken and its handlers pull screens around it to hide its pain.


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More accurately, Littlestar got it for you. I just watched the first test run.

lol that was terrible, robo looks damaged. what i noticed that after falling there was a total switch off in the robot (no movement after) , if Honda was little creative, they must have programmed it to cry when it falls, this must have saved some shame.

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