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Now I'm sore from Wii

wii.gifIt's a good sore, but I'm definitely feeling the effects of my boxing bout against littlestar. It was almost as tiring as the real thing, but with less bruising.

I don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said in hundreds of similar reviews. You can sit on the couch, flick your wrists, and do quite well in the games. But the Wii invites you to stand, to take the full swing instead of the little flick, because your little Mii on the screen is you. Psychologically, it's just too difficult to sit; you're engaged. It's the most socially intelligent game system I have ever played.

There are problems here and there. The motion sensing isn't as precise as you want it to be and it doesn't work for some games (e.g. Excite Truck), but who cares? It's a whole lot better than repeatedly mashing the A or X button. I can't wait for sword fighting games and DDR++ and the mythical Harry Potter spell-casting wand.

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