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Now I want Lego NXT Mindstorms

Back in April I was a little excited when I saw the NXT scorpion (video) and other NXT creations at the Lego booth at Maker Faire. You would put your hand in front of the scorpion and it would 'attack' you with its tail. Clever, but not awesome.

Then I saw this creation: self-parking NXT car. Screw you Lexus! I may not be able to afford your latest offerings, but I can make my Lego park.

I realize that what the NXT is doing is much simpler -- it's probably just bouncing its ultrasonic sensor off of the faux cars and running a preset parking routine, whereas Lexus actual uses actual video. But I don't care. I'm going to build a self-parking car that can stab SUV Lego cars with its tail.

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