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Some of you may recall my past troubles with legal letters from a IP firm representing a particular TV network. I posted tiny screencaps of one of their shows and they informed me that 1) I couldn't use tiny screencaps and 2) I was misappropriating their logo, because the screencaps all have the 'bug' logo in the lower right corner. I thought this was a rather dumb policy -- it both alienates fans and punishes free marketing. Keep in mind that the actual makers of the show are very supportive of fan-generated media -- it's just the TV network and it's lawyers that were troublesome.

Well, now that TV network has decided to hire a marketing firm that specializes in promoting online. Said marketing firm has contacted me to offer me photos and videos of the show that I can post freely. Does this mean that TV networks are starting to get it? Perhaps. I was shocked when s showed me SNL digital shorts on YouTube, officially supported by NBC. It wasn't too long ago that NBC was the one issuing takedown notices and forcing people to navigate their crummy Web site to watch the same exact thing, but with more difficulty.

I love this turn of events, as I believe it is the right move. It is ironic in light of past events, but welcome. I didn't stop promoting the show here when I got those nasty notices, and now I can continue promoting with even more media to share.

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