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The Great Flickr Upload

FlickrIf you've been watching my Flickr photostream, you may have noticed it slowly marching backwards in time as I take advantage of Flickr's new no limits policy for pro users. I've been uploading all of my photos, set by set. I'm now approaching July, which was a mega month: two weddings and Comic-Con. I'm looking forward to reaching May, which has all my Japan photos.

I have three major reasons/motivations for this massive upload:

1) Peace of mind. When d had her laptop stolen, the only photos from the past six months that were recovered were those that were on Flickr. I keep several backups of my data, but I only make an 'off site' backup every year or so. Now I will have immediate off site backups from now on.

2) Edit/publish anywhere, anytime. I do all my edits on my desktop because it has the most storage as well as the photo organizer software. Now that Flickr provides the storage now, I've been testing new workflows. Some of the new benefits: * access the originals from any Web browser * publishing is as simple as changing a photo's privacy setting * other people can participate in the shot selection process. I did this accidentally last week when I uploaded an unprocessed set as public instead of private. Someone commented on which shot they thought was best, so I immediately processed it on the spot. * you can quickly show people the unprocessed shots if you're running behind on the actual processing

3) Supporting the folks at NetApp by increasing Yahoo's storage requirements :).

Another minor benefit is that the Flickr Uploader tool is much, much more responsive when you don't set it to resize photos to save space. I probably didn't need to have it resizing, but with limits, you're always worried about going over and being cut off.

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