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I think I'm getting a new phone

I get the widescreen iPod I've always wanted plus a smartphone? Sick.

update: and the Apple Web site now has fancy video tours

One more thought: this is the first time I haven't been jealous of Japanese cell phones.

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You're getting one? /cry

I'm going to be so jealous! If ever there was a gadget person's wet dream, this thing is it.

too expensive for me... :P

i really like the touch screen interface, as i never did get all that used to the click wheel. and the 2 megapixel camera doesn't hurt either. :)

but as a phone... the $500 price tag is too much for me. i have a tendency to switch phones as frequently as i can for the least money possible. and, the battery life surprised me a little with how short it was. it looked like you'd have to charge it every day, even more frequently if you actually listen to music.

if anything... i wish they would update the other ipods with this technology. then i'd just buy another ipod. :D that would be awesome.

this isn't to say i wouldn't be jealous if you got one. :) watch out when you sleep; i know where you live. hahahahaha~

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