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2006: A Fun Year (in photos)

One of the unintended results of uploading all my photos into Flickr is that I have had a blitz of 2006 photos flash before my eyes. I'm finally approaching 2005 with my uploads, but I've been overwhelmed with 2006. I thought I sat on my butt all year watching TiVo, but it looks like I actually got out and saw (and photographed) stuff. I know its more traditional to get all sentimental about the previous year around New Years, but I would like to say that 2006 was a fun year and thanks to all of you who shared in the many things below.

Trips: * Japan: Hakodate, Aomori and Nikko, Tokyo * Humboldt County, CA * Getty Villa * Rose Parade * DC * San Diego/Comic-Con '06 * Iowa/Puffer and Kelly wedding * Tahoe * Chicago

Book talks: * Neil Gaiman at Keplers * Neil Gaiman at SJSU * Douglas Hofstadter * Lemony Snicket/The End

College Football: * Rose Bowl (USC vs. Michigan) * USC vs. Arizona * USC vs. Stanford * Stanford vs. Navy

Cycling: * Tour of California Stage 3 * Tour of California Stage 2 * Tour of California Prologue * Levi at Lombardi Sports * Sea Otter Classic * Giro di San Francisco * Pescadero Road Race * Burlingame Criterium * Menlo Park Grand Prix

MythBusters: * Awning Fall * Encinal High Benefit * @Maker Faire

Other: * bp and joy wedding * Exploratorium: Reconsidered Materials and Magnitude X * Maker Faire * Great White at Monterey Bay Aquarium

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