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Bridge School Vol. 2 + Cheaper Neil tracks

The Bridge School Collection Vol. 2 is out on iTunes now with 54 new tracks (still no Trent Reznor). The new tracks are mostly from shows I haven't seen so they are a little less interesting, but I went back to the Vol. 1 collection and noticed that they redid the ridiculous pricing they setup there. Previously they had marked the Neil Young songs "album only" -- the 'album' is $60! But the tracks are now available individually, which has finally allowed me to start purchasing some tracks from the collection -- I had been deadlocked by the fact that I couldn't buy any of the other tracks individually because those don't count if you later decide to buy the 'album'.

FYI: I'm a bit puzzled that the Neil Young tracks are now listed at "9:59" in length -- "Cortez the Killer" is actually 15:52, so maybe there is some magical 'album only' flag that iTunes kicks in if a song is over 10 minutes.

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