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Time to clear some similar tabs building up:

Mii Office by n1c2c8 is disturbingly spot-on. d and I haven't been able to do half as well on our own.

Mii Office by n1c2c8

But perhaps we should just drop $5 and have the 'pros' at Miistation make us one.

Finally, it's not a Mii, but it is doppelgangish: Metamerist's McCain/Tigh comparison means someone can kill two birds with one Mii stone.

Metamerist: McCain/Tigh

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Thanks for the link! I'm really trying to watch less television (and read more), but I decided to check out BSG during the Lost hiatus, and I feel it's high ratings are well deserved. Almost caught up.


I'm almost caught up as well -- I'm at the 3rd season midpoint. It's impressive how quickly it draws you in and makes you want to get caught up. I ended up getting a couple of episodes of iTunes b/c I couldn't wait to go to my friend's house to see them ;).

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