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Yet another blog baby is starting to take shape. After my architectural splurge in Japan, I finally feel like there is enough original content there to stand on its own. The amount of traffic my architecture category page gets seems to justify this as well, though most of that is due to Google Image search. One other reason is that its nice to play with a pure MovableType 3.3 blog with tags and widgets, instead of trying to migrate an older, heavily-customized template.

With and, you might think that I actually like creating sub-blogs, but the real answer is 'kinda'. It's a pain to maintain a single blog between MovableType upgrades ( still runs with MT 2.x-style templates), and having multiple blogs is multiple pains.

I used to believe in the idea of a universal data manager. The notion is attractive: throw everything into one big bin and have a good tool for pulling all that data out. But the fact is that you want to treat different types of data/media differently, even if they are all "blog entries." You can try and customize the wazoo out of categories and tags and whatnot, but that becomes ugly. Keeping them in separate sandboxes means that you can see just MythBusters-related tags when searching the MythBusters guides and see just architecture-related tags when searching the architecture entries. It also means that I don't have to type the 'architecture' tag when creating an architecture entry nor assign it to the 'architecture' category.

So anyway, step 1 of the separation is complete. I haven't really bothered with the default MT template just yet and I need to fix up some macros I was using with older entries. I'm also rethinking past decisions and I think I'm going to try and figure out how to merge all the various blogs and feeds into one display, instead of having the infrequent "Elsewhere" posts.

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It strikes me that you're the type of person who might also enjoy this website:


Sweet -- thanks for the link, dre. This will keep me entertained for awhile.

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