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Awesome day

Levi Leipheimer

Levi Leipheimer continues to put on a show for the fans and I've been having my best cycling+photography experience ever. Today I got to be a total fanboy + a "pro" photographer. Another photographer took time to give me advise on portfolio building, lenses, and submitting photos to magazines. People pay to have experiences like these and instead I'm being fed food and offered money for my photos. Armstrong, Ekimov, Julich, Cancellara, Hincapie, Danielson, Voigt, etc... I got near total access: Graham Watson and Casey Gibson stood behind me.

I even inquired about being a staff photographer. When I told the guy that I work as a software engineer, he told me to keep my job. Which only shows that not every dream should come true.

Now I'm tired. I woke up at 4:30am to drive down here and I need to go find somewhere to sleep. Good night all.

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"Graham Watson and Casey Gibson stood behind me." now THAT is a good day :)

Reading your account for the tour, i couldn't remember if you were the guy that works for sun or not - apparently so..... When can i snag a jersey from you already!?!?! Awww come on.....


Awesome capture man! Well done.

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