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Flickr Sets of Sets, thoughts on related content

They're coming. Now that I have about 150 photosets on Flickr, I really need this type of feature -- my April Japan trip has 15 sets and the 2007 Tour of California has 7. Flickr's photostream with a small selection of sets nicely conveys a sense of what you are currently working on, but at some point you need to be able to organize your content better for visitors. Sets of sets will allow me to keep related content more closely group and I also wonder if it will allow me to better segment my content in general. I've considered creating a separate Flickr account for my more 'professional' content so that my, "ooo, that's a funny license plate" content isn't mixed in, but if the sets of sets is implemented in the right way, I wouldn't have to worry as much.

I think this is all a subset of a larger problem I have with online media sites like Flickr and YouTube, which is that very few give you enough control over your visitors' experience. When I post a video from a book talk, I would like to prominently indicate my related blog entry as well as other related videos. When I post Tour of California photos, I would like to easily link to (or even transclude) my stage summaries without having to edit the description for every single photo I upload.

These sites obviously don't have much incentive to build features that enable visitors to leave, but we often generate related content that we would like to be viewed as well. Sets of sets expands the ways in which I can have visitors navigate related photosets, but I would like Flickr and other sites to explore ways in which visitors can explore other types of related media (e.g. blog entries, photos, videos, music, etc..). Blog entries seem to be the only tool/medium that enables me to do this, but I don't see why it should be the only one.

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