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Flickr Collections (aka Sets of Sets)

As pre-announced, Flickr Collections have arrived. The arrival is even cooler than I expected. The collections have 'mosaics' instead of single-photo thumbnail like sets and, for the first time, you can tweak your main Flickr page with several different layouts. I switched mine to use larger images with collections instead of sets on the side. They promise even more customizations in the future.

I'm really quite pleased with the result. My main Flickr page is now more interest-based, which I think it much more useful for myself and visitors. I used to do a sort-of 'myspace top friends row' sort of management with my sets, where I would try to keep my best sets plus a selection of recent ones near the top. The collections will take away that chore, though they admittedly create new chores for the organization-obsessed. I translated the standard-practice 'Favorites' set into a collection and also generated collections for cycling, architecture, weddings, California, Japan, and others. My only gripe so far is to wonder why I can put a collection in a collection or a set in a collection, but I can't stick both a collection and a set in a collection. I ran into this problem already when I tried to stick my San Francisco collection in my California collection, which has a bunch of California-related photo sets. I also have stray "Tour of California" collections that can't be stuck in the "Cycling" collection.

Maybe they'll fix this or maybe they'll get rid of the distinction altogether: why not make everything a collection and do away with sets? I'm already liking collections better.


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