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Transferring my Web service for has certainly improved life, but one thing I have not liked from Day 1 is the cPanel software you have to use in order to manage everything. It's as if a panel of cretins, fools, morons, and lunatics had a pow-wow. Here's a partial list of their idiocy:

  • The button to 'check' your database is pixels away from the button to 'delete'
  • The menu lists both 'chatroom' and 'phpMyChat', and both use the Photoshop icon
  • The 'MySQL Databases' menu doesn't let you backup your mysql database -- you have to go to 'Backups' instead
  • Four icons use the MS Access logo; none of them have anything to do with MS Access.
  • The text fields on the redirect manager are too small for any actual URL

I could go on and on and on, but Daily WTF/Worse Than Failure has caught one even more beautiful (except for the 'delete'/'check' one, that really gets me). Click on the screenshot to see what the cPanel folks came up with for the password change screen.

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David La France:

Glad to know that I will be employed for a long, long time.

Don't think you are alone in your complaints about cPanel 10. We hear you and are acting on those suggestions with the creation of cPanel 11.

Check out our online demo of the new cPanel at:

user/pass are both: x3demob

First thing you'll notice is probably those icons you hate so much have been replaced. No more "MS Access" icons.

The Check Database and Delete Database functions now have some good space between them and it's rather hard now to accidentally click one instead of the other.

Things are also grouped a lot better now, all the chat scripts (and other scripts) are now on a "Server Software" page where you can easily see all the software you can do so-called one-click installs for rather than trying to find the correct icon in a sea of icons.

Of course, if you ever have any suggestions for cPanel and WHM such as widening the text fields for redirects, feel free to post it to so our developers can consider it.

PS: That change password screen will be changed by the final build of cPanel 11 ;)

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