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From Los Charros to Nobu in 42 minutes flat

An absolutely ridiculous piece on The Alameda-Weehawken Burrito Tunnel, which delivers Bay Area burritos to hungry New Yorkers. via Waxy

Burritos speeding through the tunnel fight a constant battle against friction. At the start and end of their journey they hover in a powerful magnetic field, seldom touching the sides of the tunnel. Past the Colorado border, however, the temperature of the surrounding rock exceeds the Curie point of iron and the burritos must slide on their bellies in their nearly frictionless Teflon sleeve, kept from charring by pork fat that slowly seeps out of the burritos as they thaw. By the time the burritos reach Cedar Rapids (traveling well over a mile a second) they are heated through, and anyone who managed to penetrate into the tunnel through the Cleveland access shafts would find them ready to eat.

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mmmmm.... los charros.... i ate there for lunch.

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