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APE this weekend


I'm hoping to make it to Alternative Press Expo (APE) in SF this weekend, but I may be too busy. Here's some of the Flight folks that will be in attendance (via Flight comics blog) :

Hope Larson (Special Guest; table 123) Derek Kirk Kim (table 124) Lark Pien (table 439) Kazu Kibuishi Amy Kim Ganter Chris Appelhans Vera Brosgol Jen Wang Dylan Meconis Erika Moen …and Graham Annable, Scott Campbell and the rest of the Hickee gang!

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So did you make it to APE? This was my first one, and I am fully "alternative" now. Came away much more impressed by the talent than I expected... and spent more money than I meant to. Anyway, I've got a write-up and pics at my blog, if you want to see some of what you missed. Cheers!


@Great White Shark: Thanks for pointing to your writeup. I've got one coming in a bit, but I'm still catching up on others things. Only managed to stay at APE for 3 hours or so.

Ah, same here, actually, but I feel like my timing was just about perfect.

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