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I've just recently stumbled upon blogotheque's Take Away Shows -- I was pulled in by their Shins performance (the 44th Take Away performance). The premise of the Take Away Shows is extreme simplicity: the band stops in some location in Paris, performs a song, and then moves to a new location, while a single camera and microphone follow them around. The result is something to watch streamed to the comfort of your Web browser or downloadable to your iPod.

The Take Away Shows ever-so-vaguely remind me of the Washington Post's virtuoso-violinist-meets-Metro experiment, except it leverage Pop instead of skill, is targeted at people who are in a position to enjoy (Parisian tourists), and comes without the social commentary. In other words, it was more enjoyable for me because you are watching a simple performance of The Shins strolling around from street corner to street corner, truly unplugged. What a treat it would be if the Washington Post could release the Joshua Bell performance in similar packaging.

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