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Naturally black hair

A poster over on somethingawful is relating a story involving his brother getting expelled for being "Asian and quiet" and also wearing a t-shirt (before the VT killings) that said "4 out of the 5 voices in my head tell me to go for it." If this story is true and that's the extent of it, then it certainly gets my vote for baffling overreaction of the day.

I find part of the story hilarious, though, and it's the only reason I'm actually posting this:

Detective: (To my mother) Why does Josh dye his hair black?
Mother: He doesn't.
Detective: That's not your hair color, yours is brown.
Mother: He's half Japanese...
Detective: So?
Mother: That's their natural hair color....
Detective: Oh.

My moral barometer may be off as I also find this hilarious instead of just sad, but it brings back memories of one of my own high school teachers unable to comprehend my half-Japanese black hair. She was convinced that I had the blackest hair she had ever seen, which is a pretty good feat in a school that's over 30% asian. Her brain seemed to reboot when I informed her it was genetic.

To correct the mother quote, though, some of us do have naturally brown hair... just for the record.

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