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My mistake, but no more BuyDig for me

I've used BuyDig for many of my photographic needs -- Rebel, 70-200 f/4L, and most recently, a Canon 580EX. Except, I screwed up on the latter because I really wanted the Canon 580EX II. BuyDig has a blanket policy of charging a 10% refund fee -- they offer no store credit -- which really adds up for photography equipment. I was able to haggle them down to 5%, but I'm pretty sour on them now. It's a bit irrational as the mistake was mine not theirs, but after flushing around $50 down the drain for both shipping and the refund fee, I can't bring myself to buy from them again.

My original plan was to return the item and immediately order the more expensive 580EX II from them, but I'm reminded once more that the comfort of an actual storefront can be worth the non-Web markup. I'm fairly certain that the salespeople at Keeble & Shuchat would have warned me of my mistake with the 580EX given that the new version was about to be released (note: it would also be fairly trivial for BuyDig's Web site to have given me a similar warning). I also wouldn't have had to spend for expedited shipping on an item that I couldn't use at the event I needed it for because I had to return it unused.

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