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Google stuff -- new Analytics, Wii Reader

Google just transferred my Analytics account to the redesign and I like it very, very much. The new graphs are much more legible (they were very difficult to read for long data ranges previously). There are also sparklines next to summary data for easy trend reading, draggable date selection widgets, and a customizable dashboard for viewing your favorite reports.

There really wasn't any trouble adapting to the new interface as it pretty much is the same old data with the same basic navigation structure, but it is so much easier to grok now that it feels like a whole new product (one digression: thinner lines and scalable y-axis would help even more). It did crash my Firefox, but luckily SessionSaver saved this blog post from oblivion. Also, the 'Site Overlay' feature doesn't work for me anymore, but it's not something I used very often.

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