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MotionBased: Beta Player is a nice upgrade

Garmin-related lets you upload your GPS-indexed workout data to the Web for online viewing and dissecting (I use it with my Garmin Edge 305). While I wish Garmin could provide an all-in-one solution (the PC Training Center software is better in some regards, the MotionBased Web site in others), the MotionBased site is taking a nice step forward with its new "Beta" Player software.

The Player supercedes the "Map Player", which is an SVG-based visualization that shows you some of your based workout data on a map and lets you playback your ride (a dot moves along your path and reads off your workout data at that time/point). But the map was kinda klunky and zoomed poorly: you couldn't view local roads, which are the roads that cyclists predominantly ride on. The Map Player also only worked in Internet Exploder and required an Adobe plugin.

The Player swaps out the SVG map with a great Google Maps mashup, which makes sense given that they already use a Google Map on the summary page. This map is much larger and adds interactivity: you can click on any location to select a particular data point. The readout of the data is cleaned up as is a summary graph that lets you show two data series (elevation, speed, pace, total distance, etc...). Its a lot more useful and less klunky than before.

As the Player is still in beta, it only appears from time-to-time. If you're lucky enough to see a "Player" tab next to the "Map Player" tab, be sure to give it a try.


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