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Overly full weekend

MakerFaire! I've been looking forward to the second annual Maker event so that I can mingle with geeks of all breeds. I'm not sure what my game plan is this year as they're running things a bit differently: there aren't classes to sign up for, but there appears to be open classes. I've been whittling down potential Saturday and Sunday schedules -- sorry crocheting, you're not for me.

SF Sketchcrawl to benefit Emergency. The SketchCrawl is Saturday and there's an auction 5-9pm on Sunday at Maverix Studios (1717 17th Street, SF).

Hangtown Motocross Nationals near Sacremento. (update: Hangtown is probably a no as I can't seem to get a press pass). This one is a bit far for me, but its also the only national nearby for sometime and the scarcity of pro road/mtb cycling events may require me to diversify. Still waiting to see if I can get a press pass.

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Hangtown is great. It is just down the street from my parents house. I raced sportman day a few years ago and stayed to watch the pros on Sunday. I haven't been able to go back since. Too busy first getting married then having a kid and moving and this year working (I'm in Or Thursday and Friday).


Sadly I just heard from the Hangtown people: a big fat no on the press pass. They are *much* more stringent than cycling (3 weeks notice, must have assignment letter, Websites must "provide their advertising campaign", etc...). I guess that saves me a long drive.

I've been contemplating covering some of the D36 (local AMA (american motorcycle association) chapter) offroad dirtbike races and some of the motorcycle events at Leguna Seca freelance and trying to sell the shots.

Your comment about photographing cycling lets you have time for both photography and cycling resonated with me. After you said that I've been trying to come up with a good way to combine the hobbies I love.


But crocheting can be so much fun....


@Jess: and I hear its a good way to prevent RSI, but I just can't pass up power tool drag racing, catapults and robots fighting. Maybe if they made competitive crochet bots...


After an attempt at making an amigurumi bunny...I foresee problems with a crochet bot unfortunately. Maybe crochet chain mail?


I saw an episode of Dirty Jobs where they made chain mail for shark suits -- fire is fun, but that's stuff is crazy to make.

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