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The burrito road

Burritos are on my mind, so naturally I should take the time to learn where they came from. I had been told by my LA-Mexican sources that the burrito was Californian but, alas, that is wrong (even if you consider California historically Mexican).

The Washington Post sent a reporter to travel the burrito road from San Francisco's Mission District back to its very origins. A burrito-faithful blogger has transcribed portions of this journey so that its lessons will not be lost.

As we followed the historical trail, and got closer and closer to the source, the burritos became smaller and smaller, and our favorite ingredients disappeared one by one. When we finally found what we thought was the original burrito, it was very different from the burritos we knew and loved. The burrito's evolution seemed like a cross-generational version of the children's game of telephone, in which a message is passed through so many people that the message at the end is completely different from the original.

The article stunned me with this realization: designed to be portable food, burritos are Mexican onigiri.

(via SFist)

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