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Maker Faire - Eepybirds (Diet Coke + Mentos)

crossposted from MythBusters blog - Diet Coke + Mentos - Diet Coke + Mentos - Diet Coke + Mentos - Diet Coke + MentosThe Eepybird video was the inspiration behind the MythBusters' Diet Coke + Mentos episode and they were on site at Maker Faire 2007 to another one of their 'experiments.' The MythBusters were one of the main attractions at Maker Faire 2006, so it is only fitting that the Eepybird folks got to put on a show. 102 bottles of Diet Coke and some large amount of Mentos certainly make for a good performance.

The video should make it to eventually, but for now enjoy the photos.

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