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Cheap TiVo Series 3 for Father's Day

While I continue to join others in ranting at TiVo for various corporate policies (I'm being hit by the expiration of my TiVo Reward Points, just as I was close to getting a Series 3), I will, nevertheless, pass on this Fatwallet post that Ray was kind enough to send along:

TiVo is offering a $200 rebate on the Series 3 for Father's Day

Rebate is good ONLY from 5/27 to 6/16 --don't buy before then!

Costco: (YMMV on Rebate, as listed as unauthorized reseller)
$599.99 (linked)
-$200 Rebate

-$200 Rebate

use E/A coupon and DPA discount to make even hotter!
-10% EA (-66.90)
-2% DPA (-12.04)
-3% FatCash (-17.70)
-200 rebate
(feel free to correct my math if I'm wrong!)

Also, may want to [try Amazon][amazon]: (confirmed as people receiving rebates from TiVo after buying from them in the past)
[406.95][amazon] (no tax/free shipping)


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