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MacArthur Maze already reopened

I couldn't quite believe it when I read in the paper today that the MacArthur Maze is already re-opened. The contractor,C.C. Myers, had predicted this short of a timetable (and banked money on it), but it's been less than a month since the interchange collapsed. Somehow they (Caltrans, C.C. Myers) managed to cleanup the debris, test the damaged concrete and steel, put together a reconstruction plan, ship parts from Pennsylvania and Texas, and get it all assembled.

I once watched a video in engineering class where two teams raced against each other to each build a house in under 24 hours. That was plenty impressive, but there were test runs, much planning in advance, and amazing feats of spackling. Repairing a freeway interchange with no advanced notice in 17 days seems more impressive to me.

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