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Google Streetview: a stepping stone

Much was made of the Google's release of the Streetview maps, but I haven't seen any posts that really focus on what I see as the real potential here. Instead, there's been the fun efforts to find 'interesting' StreetViews as well as a cat in a window being elevated to a New York Times article on Google + privacy (note: you can have images removed by clicking on 'Street View Help', 'Report image as inappropriate'). Good and/or fun to discuss, but where is this going?

Following the thread in my previous post:

  • Google buys Keyhole and recoins their product Google Earth
  • Google buys SketchUp and makes it easy to create 3-D buildings for Google Earth
  • Google integrates 3D-like buildings into Google Maps
  • Google licenses technology from Stanford/Stanley for 3D license for creating drive-by 3D models of buildings.
  • Google releases StreetView, aka drive-by photos of buildings

I know its been obvious from the start that photo-textured 3D buildings is where Google is headed, but it sure seems like their getting much, much closer now. How long before the StreetView car gets a SICK laser?

I'll close with my own little StreetView find, something fit for Year Zero.


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I think you're right about where Google's going here. I'm not sure that having a 3d scan is going to be as much of an attention getter compared to this. Most people that are spending a lot of time doing this are looking for people doing candid camera kinds of things.

It's not so much about 3d as it is about high-res. I for one have been looking at all of the cities that Google captured but SF is the one with the high-res and that's where it's at. Give us higher resolution, higher quality, and more covered areas and you'll see more of a frenzy amongst the public.

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