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MovableType 4, now in beta

The power behind and has now gone through a major update to MovableType 4 Beta. As their announcement indicates, MT4 seems to be first MovableType release to integrate lessons learned from SixApart's other properties (LiveJournal, TypePad, Vox). Or, perhaps more accurately, Vox was the first service SixApart designed with its accumulated lessons learned and SixApart is now bringing those changes back into its original product.


From the screenshots, you can see that the management screens have gotten a Vox-y overhaul with the first significant changes to the menu organization and new at-a-glance trend graphs. The post editor UI will be more similar to Vox, with WYSYWIG editing of text and photos.

Beyond just the major UI upgrades, there is also integrated OpenID for commenting as well as RebuildQueue to prevent servers from crashing during spam attacks. I'm perhaps most excited by the MTAggregator, which will make it easier to publish your various blogs together (surprising that it took this long). This should decrease the need to crosspost and instead offer this blog as a clearing house for my many other blogs.

The feature I'm least excited about is "new default templates" -- I just completed my transition from MT 2.x to MT 3.x templates, darnit!

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One thing you didn't mention is that movable type is going to an opensource license and will be available again.

I no longer have to migrate PQBON.COM to Wordpress but can just upgrade to movable type 4.0.

I have nothing against Wordpress, it is just a lot of work to move from one to the other so I'm glad to be able to just upgrade to the newest movable type.


MT3 did eventually come out with a free personal use license, so it's a free upgrade. It has also generally been 'honor code' with respect to any particular license limits. The open source license will be nice move from honor code to, 'go ahead, have fun.'


Have you been able to get the little Flash widget for stats to work? Mine always comes up with an error.


I don't even see the flash widget on mine. The beta is a bit too early for me to adopt -- I've already uncovered too many bugs. I've generally been able to use the betas before, but this one has too many chrome issues as a result of the UI overhaul.


For the flash widget you need a writable folder called support in you mt-static driectory.


Nick: thanks for the clue that got me on track here. At long last I've been able to load the flash widget, though I have to update it manually. The MT4 stat code doesn't detect the location of mt-static correctly if you override it: I have to manually sync the support directory from one location to another.

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