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TiVo Series 3: It's Here!

tivo.jpgIt's definitely the most nicely packed TiVo I've ever received (similar to getting a MacBook). I rushed as quickly as I could through the setup process so that I could watch the NBA Finals in HD glory, and now there they are -- Tony Parker is kicking some butt.

  • New remote has a nice button snap and light-up buttons, but the shiny surface is a finger-/hand-print nightmare.
  • The new display with clock and recording info on the front of the TiVo is a very nice touch, as are the button controls so you don't have to find the remote.
  • Having a THX logo sequence at the end of setup is pretty cool.
  • Menus are much, much faster -- though I'm sure future TiVo service updates will slow them down.
  • Although it will play them, the Series 3 seems to have no idea what 7-1, 5-1, etc... (i.e. the HD channels) are on my analog cable. They don't show up in the channel guide and there is no program information. I hope this will change when I get CableCards, but, for now, recording channels is going to be a pain as I have to use the manual record options.
  • Comcast wanted $15 to come and install the CableCARDs now, but it's free if I wait three weeks: they waive installation fees when you transfer your service when you move. Go figure.
  • Comcast also wants $1.50/mo for the CableCARDs, which isn't much, but it's a bit of a crock as I am paying for their content protection.
  • Unanticipated cost: $50-100 for an HDMI switch as my TV only has one HDMI input.

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