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MovableType 4: Getting the stats widget to work

With help and patience from Nick Prior, the stats flash widget is no longer broken on my MovableType 4 dashboard. The stats widget shows a graph of # of comments and # of entries over the past 1-4 months. The fix for me was two-part:

  • You need to create a 'support' directory in your mt-static directory
  • If you keep your mt-static directory somewhere other than the default, you need to set StaticFilePath with the correct path (e.g. c:\Apache2\htdocs\mt-static\). (I kept reading this as the StaticWebPath setting, which is a more common MT setting).

Googling for 'StaticFilePath' didn't turn up any documentation on it, but it did lead me to this entry:

"Failed to create stats file" errors in activity log. If you see this error, you should create a support directory in mt-static and make it writable by MT. If you keep your mt-static directory somewhere other than the directory where the MT cgi's live, then you will need to set StaticFilePath in your mt-config.cgi appropriately. We will handle this situation better in the next beta--apologies for the inconvenience.

So I missed it there as well when I was scanning through the known issues.

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FYI - soon messaging will appear in the app in place of a graph when there is trouble accessing or writing to the support directory. Our hope is for the app to instruct people more in the resolution of these issues.

Thank you BTW for documenting this for our users. I know many of the them have no doubt already found this useful.


Thanks for posting this! You just saved my bacon.

Six Apart still does not have good documentation on this; the widget showed an error, but it was just "Cannot get filename in ". Too bad they couldn't just add "Please make sure the webserver user has write permissions in the support directory, and your StaticFilePath parameter is set if you use a nonstandard directory name instead of mt-static" or some such.

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