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Robogames 2007 Videos Part I: Robot Combat

RoboGames.jpgSparks, shrapnel, robots sent flying, and smoke: keep reading if these interest you. I went to Robogames in San Francisco for the closing day and watched robots all the way from 1 pound up to 340 pounds compete. Robots were knocked out of the ring. One robot had all four of its wheel systematically sliced off. Others just battered each other repeatedly. Great fun.

Subzero: quick knockout 1

Subzero: quick knockout 2:

Original Sin has all four of its wheels removed:

Ziggy vs. Vladiator: Big battle, with interlude of audience chanting "Fight! Fight!" after the Vladiator was eliminated for getting stuck on the wall too long. Not to let the audience down, the battle continued with spectacular results:

The big Judge in super heavyweight battle:

Big spinning robot battle, ending in flippage:


A robot gets its side sliced into:

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