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And the iPhone tension increases

I just made it through the long guided tour that Apple posted today for the iPhone. There weren't any real surprises, but it manages to start connecting all the dots and gives a greater impression of day-to-day usage.

Of course I want one. But I have to defy all my experience-gained common sense about Apple products (never buy a 1st-gen Apple product) and gadgets in general (8GB is not enough for a convergence device) if I were to get one. I also find the 2-year contract doubly insulting. Usually the 2-year commitment is to pay off the subsidy for the free phone you just got (e.g. the $500 RAZR is now free with 2-year commitment), and it's not as if I'm not going to buy phone service for this. It poorly frames the device for me: I just think about how much the iPhone will improve over 2 years. Maybe Apple will get rid of this requirement at the last minute.

So do I get one? Not sure yet. Maybe they'll sell out everywhere and I won't have to worry. If I can wait a year to get a TiVo HD, surely I can wait for an iPhone, right?

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