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Awesome new Google Maps feature: Draggable Routes

drag.googlemaps.jpgGoogle Maps has a major new update: you can adjust driving directions simply by dragging. Want to drive via the East Bay instead? Simply drag the route over to the East Bay and it instantaneously recalculates. It's so cool because you can actually use this to deliberate various driving directions on the fly, and it also gets around the fact that Google Maps driving directions have never been the best.

Update: there's more -- you can also click to set your starting/destination point, just in case you don't really know the address

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Dangit! Where was this feature when I spent hours planning my non-freeway route back from SF with my scooter?! This would've made it cake.

I love the way it fills in the roads you'd be taking as you move the cursor around.

Amen bp. Sometimes, it's crucial to have the quickest route when cruising on a scooter... I had a similar thing happen recently ;-)


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