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Happy Jobs Day!

ratatouille.jpgI've happily been tracking Ratatouille's high RottenTomatoes score (94%) as well as the nibbles of iPhone propaganda that Apple has been releasing on a daily basis. I'm pretty sure I'll fit Ratatouille into my weekend schedule, but I'm still flipping a coin on the iPhone.

I tempted myself by visiting the Palo Alto Apple Store line -- it's Web 2.0 in a Line. Blogger/podcaster Scoble+son are first in line, the Zooomr folks are streaming video, and the SmugMug folks are brandishing their logos. Apparently Kevin Rose and Leah Culver (of newly revealed Pownce fame) were there to shoot some Diggnation footage. AT&T gave out some nice "I Have iPhone" shirts to those in line.

jobs.iphone.jpgMyself? I'll probably swing by the Apple Store one more time closer to 6pm to see if I'm tempted. If the reports are accurate -- that there are at least 500 units at the store -- then there really isn't much point in waiting in line, unless you really want one of those shirts.

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Reportedly there are about 100 people in line in a Florida store, and they've been told by the store employees that there are enough for each to buy 2. I think the <500 theory is probable.

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