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It is a first generation device

iphone.safari.jpgUpdate: rebooting from time to time improves things greatly

In many ways the iPhone defies first-generation-ness. Before you even turn on the screen, it already feels like the best iPod ever made. With its shiny bezel, subtle buttons, and more scratch-resistant finish (put to the test by PCWorld), there is a lot more refinement to its external design to enjoy. But, despite the excellent appearance of its external hardware, inside, in the software, it remains a first-generation Apple product.

It crashes. In the past five minutes or so, I was able to get it to crash five times. Your first warning is that any audio you were listening to stops playing. A second or two later, the application you are viewing goes back and you are taken back to the main menu. These crashes are over relatively fast, making them gentle as far as crashes go, but Safari loses a bit of your browser history and the iPod doesn't remember where you left off in your podcast/audiobook.

Most of the apps are stable. It took nearly 24 hours to discover that crashing was so easy. The troublemaker: Safari (both as a Web browser and the engine behind Google Maps). All I have to do to get it to crash is do a little bit of zooming and dragging. With about 20 seconds of determination, I can get the crash to occur.

This makes me more wary of pulling up Google Maps while I'm on the phone -- instead of having to call people back because of dropped signals, I'll have to call people back because my phone crashed. I'm not looking forward to that, so I think I'll be avoiding regular Safari use until the next firmware update.

Note: it's still the greatest personal consumer gadget on earth, it's just bit more iPod+Phone rather than iPod+Phone+Internet Communicator right now

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"I'm sorry. The person you have dialed has not setup a voicemail box yet. Goodbye."


It must be your special power at work -- not even the iPhone is immune to your ability to corrupt all things Apple.

Will Clarke:

I got an iPhone and have noticed the same thing. Lots of crashes, especially Safari and iPod related (although I've gotten the calendar application to crash a few times too).

Safari crashing is especially frustrating since it won't remember passwords - so if you're logged in to some site you have to log in again. It's nice that it remembers the pages you had open and the urls of those pages, and it reloads them - the desktop version of Safari doesn't even do that!


Yup, the password thing is especially annoying -- I gave up after it crashed 3 times after I logged in.

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