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Steve Jobs was on hand to bless the phones as we exited the store. Jobs wouldn't let me take his photo and an Apple store employee informed me that they wanted to, "protect his privacy," which seems odd given that he's Steve Jobs... at the Palo Alto Apple Store... on the day of the iPhone launch. There are better ways to protect his privacy. bp managed to snap a photo with one of the demo iPhones, except those aren't configured to send e-mail. So if you want to see a photo, check out the demo phones at the store ;).

I didn't get there until about 5pm and there were so many phones that I don't know if they sold out or not. One guy attempted to sell an extra phone to those in line at cost, which makes you wonder why he even bought the second phone to begin with. There was also an iPhone dissection that occurred in front of the store, which I may eventually post photos of.

Oh yeah, it's thinner than I thought it would be and Youtube looks better than Youtube. Now I just need to figure out the darn keyboard -- though I may have to wait awhile as this weekend in our move.

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Jeff at

Sweet! But now we have to start thinking about life after Steve...

congrats on your new baby! you will have to show it off to me. :D (pretty please)

good luck with the move!


So jealous.

But not jealous enough to spend the cash right now. Soon, though.

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