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Reducing iPhone crashes: reboot

iphone.safari.jpgI seem to have an easy solution to my iPhone's crashy behavior: reboot (something I picked up from Microsoft).

This morning my iPhone got bad enough that I couldn't even play a song without it crashing. I decided at this point to shut it down (hold down power button for several seconds) and see if it would improve on a fresh boot. Indeed, it has. I was trying to demonstrate the crashy behavior to Susanne and I couldn't get the darn thing to crash, even on the tried-and-true crashers.

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Good to hear! Mine likewise often quits to the home screen and I was beginning to think that I'd gotten a lemon. Very crashy, but elegant (yes that's possible) when it happens.


Are you sure, that iPhone OS X is stable enough? The above sounds like severe, almost fatal memory leak. Even early Win 3.1 versions were this unstable. Rebooting my phone daily basis - truly awesome!


To clarify -- I don't have to reboot my phone on a daily basis. In the two weeks I've had it, I've rebooted it three times. It has never got as bad as it was originally, which was also when I was stressing it the most (transferring more items on it, etc...).

I would still prefer more stable than it is, but, no, it's not as bad as Win 3.1 or even Win 95.


I had never anticipated "rebooting" this device. It caused me a hell of a weekend, with google maps giving a "Cound not retrieve directions", and quitting to the main screen all the time.

Then the Power On slider wouldn't work, unless I slid it, and then had to hit the main button for it to "take".

It got so bad, that when I made a call, the called could hear me, but I couldn't hear them. Nothing through the headphones, nothing thru the phone speakers. Audio out was nil on the phone.

I was certain I had a lemon. It nearly ended up in Baltimores Inner Harbor. Maybe it crashes less underwater.

Had no idea there was a 'reboot' on it, which fixed everything. Crash crash crash crash crash, reboot, everything is back to normal.


my stupid i phone ,i was just installing some new themes on the new costumize version ,the foon keeps freezing as if the touch pad isnt working ,it doesnt send or riceve any calls or massages ,i rebooted it like 20 times ,i tried chargind ,syncing ,everything and still no response i dont know what to do am about to break this damn thing


Apple should inform their iPhone Users of the reboot. It would take some of the heat off the developers of these applications. They are randomly receiving low reviews for something that is not their apps issue. Tough to deal with. At least there is not an Alt>CNTL>Delete and it just takes on push of a button. Welcome to Microsoft's world Mr. Jobs.

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