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RIP, Mr. Butch

Street icon 'Mr. Butch' dies at 56: Scooter crash claims popular homeless man

Mr. Butch was part of the Kenmore Square culture where I used to live.

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A Memorial/Celebration of Mr. Butch will be held Sunday July 22 2007.
A New Orleans style memorial procession will start from Harvard and
Commonwealth Ave in Allston at 7PM. People who wish to walk in the
procession should arrive 6:30 PM or later.
The Procession will end at the International Community Church at 557
Cambridge St in Allston where services will be held at 8PM.
It is recommended that people take public transportation as there is
no parking at the church and limited parking in the area.

For more info contact:
Toni / Ritual Arts

pictures of butch

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