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Potter complete


I finished the final Potter yesterday afternoon, finally allowing me to browse the Internet freely without fear of spoilage. I picked up a copy at Keplers at midnight and was among the hundreds, if not thousands of people present. Keplers sold at least 2600 copies, though I'm not sure how many were there to participate in the event.

There were employees and fans in costume -- some excellent Voldemorts -- "Hit the Snitch" batting cage, the Stanford Band, Cafe Borrone selling Butterbeer (root beer floats), and all sorts of Potter decoration (the information desk was Gringotts, the children's section had Hogwart's dormitory doors, etc...).

I haven't been to Star Wars premieres with that much costumage and fun. Hopefully a new book series will capture the popular attention in the future -- you don't need Save Keplers events if you sell 2600+ copies of Harry Potter at cover price.

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whoa. is this the first time you've actually finished a potter book before me?

ok, i'm close to done now and i'm glad there's someone out there i can talk about it with without fear of spoilage. :)

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