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Photos: Women of Battlestar Galactica (Plus Eick and Moore)

Tricia Helfer Katee Sackhoff/Starbuck Mary McDonnell/Laura Roslin Lucy Lawless David Eick 2007-07 Comic-Con 282

Photos from the "Women of Battlestar Galactica" panel are up (Movieweb has some low-quality audio). The panel was kicked off by a clip that started "Well-behaved women rarely make history", followed by a long montage of "fraks" and shots of BSG women beating up men, etc... Perhaps it was appropriate that Lucy Lawless made her surprise entrance flipping the bird to the moderator, but it was after he accidentally called her a man.

The talk was full of other moments of crudeness, pretty much all from the same person. Lucy Lawless sat in a wet chair and wondered if Katee Sackhoff had got it wet again (it was actually Sackhoff's chair, which she had switched out before Lawless came on stage):

Lucy Lawless finds her chair wet Katee Sackhoff denies she wet the chair

And there was Lucy Lawless twice using hand gestures to discuss Baltar (the first describing why both her character and Six were interested in him, the second discussing her surprise at entering a scene to Callis' full-frontal nudity):

Lucy Lawless describes Baltar Lucy Lawless recounts Callis' full frontal scene

Mary McDonnell played the more dignified role, Sackhoff the embarrassed role, and Helfer the shy role, but all got their laughs in. Ronald Moore and David Eick were there to answer plot questions and Michael Shepard (Romo Lampkin) posed for photos in the audience to help the Browncoats raise money for charity.

Katee Sackhoff and Mary McDonnell 2007-07 Comic-Con 312

There weren't many spoilers and I won't give any away here, per se. The cast is only give a five-or-so scripts ahead worth of knowledge, so they themselves can't spoil much. Ronald Moore described this last season as being like "Senior year" as the show wraps itself up. The Razor two-hour movie will introduce the final plot lines for the season by criss-crossing through Battlestar past, from the first Cylon war to Pegasus' escape from Caprica.

This is my third BSG panel; I only missed the very first in 2004. My favorite was the 2006 panel that had both Olmos and Lawless to entertain. Here are photos from the others:

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