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Too many work computers!

I've been swamped, mostly by having to clear off all three my work computers of data I'd like to save before they're wiped. Foldershare has made the process easier, but there's no good solution for 1.8GB iTunes video files.

The main event for me today was my going away party. Strangely enough we only get company gear when we leave, so I at last have an SRI shirt, mug, and pen. I had been looking forward to the SRI mousepad -- the mouse was invented at SRI -- and was shocked to find that they were out. Who knew they were such popular items?

Of course a going away party is not about getting things but rather the opportunity to say farewell to everyone. Mine was made easier by the fact that I will continue consulting for awhile, so there were less goodbyes and more, "see you less often." At my new company I will be working with people I have not seen in awhile, and so even there the goodbyes did not last long.

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