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One of things I wanted the most from Comic-Con was to get something from James Jean. He's the cover artist for Fables and picked up even more Eisner awards to add to his collection last Friday. I love his work and decided: I must have.

Process Recess (1 & 2) continues to be too hard to come by, so I went for a piece of original art -- a mockup for a New York Times science piece that he did. Actual finished pieces were at least $1000, but thankfully this little rough was much cheaper and I like it enough that I hope to find some artistic use for it.

But as James Jean art was at the top of my list, I was hardly going to be satisfied with just one piece, so I asked him for a Snow White sketch and he kindly obliged. I left to pick up more sketches... and came back almost immediately to ask for another sketch, a tiger. He did the sketch using a blue pencil, so I decided that inverting the scan to make it orange-on-black (blue original). That sketch cost me $20, which seemed a bargain considering that a sketch from Scott Kurtz of PVP now runs you $10. Thankfully for my wallet, I was more than satisfied to leave with three sketches in hand.

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Wow that's so great that you get those sketches. How nice of him that i he sketches this for the fans. I wish i could meet him, but i'm in the Netherlands.....


Awesome! ..never heard of James Jean, but will be searching out more of his work for sure. Just love the snowwhite sketch!

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