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New Canon SLRs, Want!

The Canon 40D is officially out and brings a whole lot of upgrades to the table:

  • 10.1 Megapixel APS-C CMOS sensor
  • 6.5 fps continuous shooting, max. burst 75 JPEGs
  • New AF system with 9 cross-type sensors
  • DIGIC III processor
  • 3.0” LCD with Live View mode
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning System
  • Clear and bright viewfinder
  • Customizable Picture Style processing parameters

Notable is the 2MP increase over the 30D and 20D, as well as 'LiveView' for the LCD screen, which makes it possible to hold your camera above the crowd and snap away. The greater fps (6.5 vs 5 for the 30D) and improved autofocus are also big wins for people like me that have to snap at sporting events, and they've added a dedicated "AF On" button that gives independent control of autofocus.

Of course, for only 7x the cost ($7999), you could have the new Canon 1Ds Mark III:

  • 21 Megapixel full frame (35mm) CMOS sensor
  • 5 fps continuous shooting for up to 56 frames
  • Dual “DIGIC III” processors
  • Highlight Tone Priority
  • Auto focus system with 19 cross type sensors and 26 focus assist points
  • EOS Integrated Cleaning System
  • ISO 100-1600 (expandable to L:50 H:3200)
  • 3.0” 230K pixel LCD with Live View mode
  • Redesigned viewfinder now wider and brighter

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The 40D looks so good I'm questioning my saving up for a 5D... I may decide to go for the 40D. (It will depend on what the 5D next generation.)

The only thing the 40D is missing is the bigger sensor... After using my EOS3 I really like having the full frame, it makes my future much less clear.

I'm hoping for a 5D follow-on that is better then the 40D and price to compete with the Nikon D200.


What, no 1Ds Mark III? :)

It's always been a bit of a no-brainer for me: the 5D is not a sports-oriented camera. It is a bit sad to not be able to shoot truly wide, especially circular fisheye.

I know I won't be allowed to spend $8k on a camera... However, if I suddenly start making tons of money for my pictures?!?! I don't even have much I could sell and get enough to buy the 1DsMKIII - I would kill for it though!

Now, if I can find a 1DsMKII or a 1DMkIIN or a 1DMkIII or even a 1DMkII for around the price of a 5D (assuming the follow on to the 5D isn't ground breaking) then you MIGHT see me with a 1D... but I wouldn't hold your breath.

::drool:: 50 to 3200 iso ::drool::

::drool:: 5 fps continuous shooting for up to 56 frames ::drool::

::drool:: Auto focus system with 19 cross type sensors and 26 focus assist points ::drool::


Live View, improved weather sealing and the 9 cross AF points are what really set the 40D apart from the previous Canon models, and while those are definitely nice features, it's not enough to get me to change from the 20D (my two-and-a-half year old body) to the 40D. With the speed at which these new bodies are releasing (~18 months), it doesn't make sense to me to upgrade every year and a half. Maybe in three years I'll be ready to upgrade, but right now, I choose glass.

When I can make a living off my photography, then maybe I'll get a 1Ds... but for now, it is a luxury I can't afford.

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