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Tour of Missouri, looking for free couches

I've gone ahead and booked a ticket to Kansas City to watch the Tour of Missouri bike race (Stages 3-7). In the spirit of excellent planning, I haven't figured out any of the other planning. My tentative schedule is:

  • Sept 12th: Springfield/Branson
  • Sept 13th: Lebanon
  • Sept 14th: Jefferson City
  • Sept 15th: St Louis
  • Sept 16th: St Louis or somewhere closer to Pittsburgh

I'll be driving over to West Virginia afterwards to see my family. If you know of anyone near any of those locations who's willing to spare some couch space, it'd be much appreciated. I'll just need somewhere to crash between the end of one stage and the start of the next. My goal is to get as close as possible to breaking even on this by selling photos, though that is extremely unlikely.

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I have family in St. Louis, but I don't want to torture you.


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