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Looj? Really?


Engadget posted about a new iRobot: the Looj, for your gutters. Unlike iRobot's other consumer offerings, it's designed to operate by remote control and you have to carry it from gutter to gutter -- I'm struggling more than usual for an iRobot product to see the point here. But I live in California now, what do I know anymore about rain gutters?

Engadget: iRobot's Looj wants to clean yer damn gutters

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I think the appeal is less about the awesomeness of the robot and more about the extreme unpleasantness of cleaning rain gutters by hand.

mmm... decaying wet leaves and debris.


Of course, the robot is capable of flinging the said decaying matter into your face instead...


But then it's like dodgeball, or dodgedebris. Fun for the whole family!

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