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$399 iPhone, semi-ouch

iphone.safari.jpgApple lopped $200 off the price of the iPhone, which puts the price of early adoption at $100/month. I'm a tiny bit bitter, but its tempered by the fact that the iPhone really is the best gadget I've owned (I exempt my SLR equipment, which I consider to be 'tools'). My only real complaints are the basic ones -- I want more than 8GB, and it's much harder to get information off the device than it is on. Nothing Apple announced today changes that, though the existence of a 16GB iPod Touch sends the signal to me that Apple could put more storage into the iPhone. Perhaps Apple is keeping a 16GB iPhone off the table for awhile to temper the inevitable uproar from their iPhone user base that is locked into their 2-year contracts. They already have to deal with the backlash from the $200 price drop.

As for the iTunes WiFi music store and Starbucks partnership? Yawn. Perhaps I would care more if I actually bought more than 5 iTunes tracks per year. My most frequent use is to download free tracks and listen to previews... perhaps the latter will be useful for instant song identification.

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I agree. I wouldn't have bought it for the original price if I hadn't wanted it then, but it does blow.

I'm actually not wowed by much they did today. The new Nanos are just smaller versions of what they already had out. I'm sure it was hard to engineer them to be that small, but as a consumer I just expect things to get smaller and hold more over time.

The iPod Touch would be amazing if the iPhone didn't already exist, but mostly I think that if you're just in it for the music, go with the Nano. If you want video, why not go for an iPhone and get the rest of the features (well, AT&T).

And yeah, buying music on the go isn't a huge feature, it's more just something you would have expected to see there all along.

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